Refining Tried and True Values

The name “Synergy Mechanical Solutions” is a direct reflection of our values as a company and our mission to be the preeminent choice for quality commercial and industrial Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning equipment in the Chicagoland area.

After decades in the industry, one fact remains certain to us, that success in this industry hinges on honest relationships, communication, and teamwork throughout all aspects of a job. We believe that the most successful partnerships are born when the parties involved combine efforts and thrive off of each other’s strengths and abilities. We have found this to be especially true when dealing with the many day-to-day challenges that occur in the HVAC industry.

That’s where the word Synergy came to mind. Our focus is not only to provide our customers with an exceptional product offering, but also to be there when one of those many challenges does arise. Whether a customer, manufacturer, or engineer is interacting with our company, our highest priority is maintaining a trustworthy and honest relationship while providing them with the most effective solution to meet their needs.

Guided by our relentless focus on sticking to our values, we strive to not only grow as a company, but also to ensure the success of all our partners in business.

Identifying Our Brand

The Synergy logo was designed to portray all aspects of our company in a sharp yet simple manner. We chose to use the colors blue and green for many reasons. Blue stands for loyalty, confidence, productivity, amongst other things. Green represents energy, life, wealth and renewal.

The logo concept was designed to be simple, clean and versatile. It is meant to give off a vibe of partnership and growth/forward progress.



It’s our pleasure to work with engineers, architects, contractors and building owners in the design and delivery of mechanical equipment and systems.


Synergy-MS offers competitive pricing on a wide variety of world class commercial HVAC products. Finding the right unit for the right project is always our goal.


Synergy-MS offers the full range of replacement parts for our equipment as well as full service and start-up solutions on all of our products.